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Resources for Early Years Classrooms

Resources for Early Years Classrooms

Rejuvenating a room? 
Starting a new childcare centre? 
Building a proposal?

We are here to help. From Budgeting to Room and Centre Planning, we have the answers you're looking for!

Child Care Room Planning Guides

Infant Sleeping Area Planning Guide

Download our free Infant Sleep Area Planning Guide, to learn how to create a flexible, separated space for your child care centre, without the cost and mess of renovations or build-ins.

Inside the Infant Sleep Area Planning Guide, with pictures and plans from Canadian room layouts you’ll see how:

  • Flexible panels are designed for sound isolation and can serve as display and shelving to maximize your space.
  • Apart from the initial first connection to a wall, there are no tools necessary to assemble.
  • No tools or costly rennovations are necessary to add or reduce space to adapt to changing community needs.
Download Infant Sleep Area Guide
Link to Louise Kool Infant Sleeping Area Planning Guide for Canadian Child Care Daycare CentresRequest Form

Prices in the planning guides are subject to change. Please see LKG website for the most up to date prices.

Additional Child Care and Classroom Inspiration

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Education Consultant


As an education consultant working with many different early childhood programs, I rely on the expertise and resources provided by Louise Kool & Galt. Their products are top-notch and the customer service goes well beyond expectations!

Program Support


Wow! I cannot believe we are at this point! Our last order was delivered seamlessly yesterday (the delivery team) were absolutely amazing! We were so happy they were able to complete all three deliveries. We couldn’t have done this project without you. Your guidance with volume of items, quality of all items and coordination of delivery was huge.

S. Licop RECE, Professional Resource Librarian

Executive Director

Niagara, Ontario

The products (LKG) offers are always of the utmost quality. We have never had a problem with their service to any of our 23 child care locations. Our questions are always answered professionally and always to our satisfaction. They are a leader in enhancing learning environments, offering quality products and providing top notch service.