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Outlast - Toddler Climbing

Community Playthings

Carefully crafted, thoughtfully designed, unbelievably durable, early childhood furniture and educational resources for indoors and out.

For over 60 years Community Playthings innovative furniture and resources have set an unmatched standard for wood based natural early years learning. Discover how these products, driven by proven education best practice shape quality learning environments that tap into every child’s innate creativity and energy.

Tricycles and Trailers

Tricycles and Trailers

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Why invest in Community Playthings Furniture?

Any products in these lists marked with CP are from the manufacturer Community Playthings. Community Playthings (CP) thoughtful design and exacting manufacturing standards deliver legendary durability and are an excellent long term value. The safety features in CP furniture means children are free to explore, interact with materials and build independence.

All Community Playthings products are backed up by Louise Kool’s lifetime warranty.

After 65 years, there are countless stories of products being handed down to succeeding generations.

Outlast - Toddler Climbing
Outlast - Toddler Climbing

Here are a few reasons why:

  • CP furniture is built using mortise and tenon joints — one of the strongest in woodworking.
  • Maple hardwood construction.
  • Protective finish is infrared bonded – does not wear off no matter how often you clean.
  • Built from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood from responsibly managed forests.
  • Tool-free connectors are built in. Easy to reconfigure your room to changing demographic and other conditions.
  • Nursery gym carpets are removable and washable.
  • Built in wheels that disappear.
  • Most shelves have bulletin backing to which you can add a cover – to display art work, instructions etc. – mirror or chalkboard for extra versatility.
Community Playthings furnishings for the early years

Tenon Joints

Quality maple hardwood, proportional modular design

Tool-Free Connectors

Outlast Outdoor Learning

Removable and Washable Carpets

Tricycles and Trailers

Built In Wheels

Safety Considerations

  • Pinch free hinges.
  • Childproof latches, and rounded edges.
  • Community Playthings’ rigorous design process includes failure mode and effects analysis to reduce the risk of equipment related accidents.
  • Green chemistry policy means all furniture is made from lowemitting materials that are BPA and PVC free.


Your centre reflects your community. Changes in demographics, staffing and pedagogy can all influence the layout of your learning space. Or you may want to change things up for a special event or specific provocation or just for the sake of variety. But moving furniture, generates lot of wear and tear. Community Playthings furnishings built in features make it not only easy to rejig your space but you won’t be reducing its lifespan when you do.


With unique interconnecting furnishings arches posts and panels, Roomscapes allow you to easily enhance the flow between your learning areas.

Activity areas, storage, learning displays, you can put your Roomscape together without any tools. Build a Roomscape one activity area at a time or furnish your whole centre. Designed with the durability you expect from Community Playthings you can rejuvenate and reinvent your space, repeatedly for years to come.

Contact us to have a Roomscapes expert help you with your selection and design.

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How to Achieve Roomscapes Design

  • Straight shelving units are mobile and made of solid maple
  • Safety- rounded corners
  • Helps you transform wide open spaces into cozy corners and appealing niche

Each Shelf and Panel has couplings attached to the sides.

Space fillers for in between shelves and units can be added so nothing will be lost down the slots!

Each piece can be joined together using sturdy plastic posts. No tools required.

Wall Adapters attach your first piece firmly to the wall for stability. (Tools required)

Book Shelves

These solid maple units offer overlapping book display space on 4 levels and generous book storage space behind the racks and on the lower shelf of the Library Shelf.


Wave Panels help transition smoothly between different shelf and panel heights.

Wave Panels

Use the panels to connect units of different heights or use them simply as dividers or little windows. Available in solid, clear and translucent.

Straight Shelving Units

All straight shelving units are mobile with wheels hidden beneath and are made of solid maple. Each unit has a kick plate on both sides that can be “kicked down” for stability.

Gates, Arches and Posts

Use the posts found on page 36 to attach all of the units. You must use the post that is equal in height to the tallest unit to be joined. Arches create openings for teachers and children while gates help create an enclosed area.

Corner and Sweep Shelving

Add corner shelving at the end of the units and sweep shelving to sculpt your classroom layout to the needs of your students.


Organize your classroom materials in these on/off mobile storage units, which are 37 cm (14½") deep and are finished with child safe clear wood finish.

Roomscapes Sets 

help you transform wide open spaces into cozy corners and appealing niches in the twinkling of an eye.

Adjustable Shelving

Shelving units are designed to hold more, and are therefore 37 cm (14½") deep. The robust construction, pure maple materials, the clear, tough, non-toxic finish and safety-rounded corners ensure an extraordinarily long and safe lifetime in your classroom.

Design for a Lifetime of Child Care

Community Playthings (CP) furniture and toys are purpose built for early years classrooms with predominantly natural materials like maple hardwood. They are designed to realize an open-ended play-to-learn educational goals.

  • CP furniture is built using mortise and tenon joints — one of the strongest in woodworking.
  • Maple hardwood construction.
  • Protective finish is infrared bonded – does not wear off no matter how often you clean.

It is not unusual for Community Playthings products to last decades and even generations.

Designed for Child Care Safety

Community Playthings products do not just comply with regulations: they are designed with children’s health and safety as a core principle. Utmost vigilance is maintained to ensure all known or suspected hazards are eliminated from the product line.

  • Pinch free hinges
  • Childproof latches
  • Rounded edges

Community Playthings’ rigorous design process, including failure mode and effects analysis, reduces the risk of equipment-related accidents and are a natural result of child-centred design.

Environmental Design 

Rather than awaiting regulation, CP’s product developers closely monitor scientific research, moving early to eliminate potential chemical hazards. While other manufacturers may insist that endocrine disrupters and phthalates are harmless, but CP’s green chemistry policy requires greater responsibility. All Community Playthings furniture products are made from low emitting materials -- safe for your children and staff.

  • Certified to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit standards.
  • BPA and PVC free. Parents can be assured that there is nothing safer on the market; Community Playthings is BPA and PVC free.