Community Playthings Furniture & Resources

Carefully crafted, thoughtfully designed, unbelievably durable, early childhood furniture.

For over 60 years Community Playthings innovative furniture and resources have set an unmatched standard for wood based natural early years learning.   High quality, environmentally friendly furniture safe for children, that lasts and lasts.

These are simply the best furnishings for the early years available.


Roomscapes community playthings quality reggio inspired learning early childhood louise kool collection 

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outlast outdoor wood blocks play early childhood classroom learning regio inspired community playthings

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Unparalled Value

Reduce operating costs with proven quality that stands-up to the wear and tear of any little learners. 

Community Playthings (CP) exacting manufacturing standards and thoughtful design are an excellent long term value.  


Community playthings early childhood furniture durable mortise and tenon joints louise kool

Built using mortise and tenon joints—one of the strongest in woodworking.


Community Playthings equipment’s durability is exceptional and legendary.

After 65 years, there are countless stories of products being handed down to succeeding generations. All products come with a minimum ten-year warranty.  Many are backed up by Louise Kool’s lifetime warranty with the promise of a lifetime of dependable customer service.


Community playthings early childhood furniture durable quality construction louise kool

Solid maple construction delivers a natural beauty that will last for decades.



A Quality environment is crucial to development.


Play is an important vehicle for developing critical cognitive and social skills. Both STEM knowledge and executive function have their root in the quality and opportunities for play-based learning. Community Playthings provides unparalleled support for open-ended, constructive play in a child oriented and welcoming environment.

The philosophy that young children learn best through open-ended, self-directed play permeates the design of CP products.

One center documented a seven-fold increase in teacher-child interaction when they moved to a space equipped by Community Playthings. An environment that reduces conflict and increases the depth of play develops the child’s autonomy and competence, freeing the teacher for valuable interactions with students.

Developmentally appropriate practice creates a foundation for learning that will last a lifetime.



Safe designs


Community Playthings products do not just comply with regulations: they are designed with children’s health and safety as a core principle.  Utmost vigilance is maintained to ensure all known or suspected hazards are eliminated from the product line.

Pinch free hinges, childproof latches, and rounded edges are a natural result of child-centred design. Community Playthings’ rigorous design process, including failure mode and effects analysis, reduces the risk of equipment-related accidents.

Just as important is the vigilance on behalf of children’s health. Rather than awaiting regulation, CP’s product developers closely monitor scientific research, moving early to eliminate potential chemical hazards.

All Community Playthings furniture products are made from low emitting materials -- safe for your children and staff.

Other manufacturers may insist that endocrine disrupters and phthalates are harmless, but CP’s green chemistry policy requires greater responsibility. Parents can be assured that there is nothing safer on the market. No one else in this industry can claim to be BPA and PVC free.



Flexible environments


Your center has to accommodate many dynamic, changing components such as fluctuations in enrollment, demographics or a new initiative -- an adaptable classroom is essential.

CP products are multifunctional, increasing the value of your investment and allowing teachers to respond quickly to new demands.

Ingenious design elements, like tool-free adjustments, interlocking shelving, and wheels that disappear, allow teachers to spend less time on furniture and more time on children.


Video showing hidden wheels

Click to see video of CP's unique hidden wheels in action.


Environmentally Responsible


In all aspects of the manufacturing process CP seeks to minimize their environmental impact.

  • All of CP’s wood comes from sustainable, managed forests
  • The maple they use is harvested within 800 km (500 miles) of their workshops
  • The clear wood finish is waterborne and environmentally benign
  • Community Playthings wood products are certified to meet LEED credit standards.
  • Employees walk to work
  • Scrap wood heats their facilities with efficient in-floor heating
  • Shavings are exhausted into a bin for horse bedding

Community Playthings Furniture & Resources

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