It starts with a trike - and ends up as social intelligence 

Today, a lot of play takes place at the computer, and this provides ample training in how to think and act in symbolic universes. But, this is not where children get involved with the laws of nature, nor is it a place where they can wrestle with social rules for friendship, teamwork, conflict management, and just being together. Play is where children acquire their earliest deep experience with social spaces and rules - where they learn that there indeed are rules for how to behave with others. They discover that they get as good as they give, and they can achieve more by working together.


Winther Viking Tricycles  

Viking durability can't be beaten. It is the only trike available with steel ball bearings, making it easier to pedal and ensuring longer life. Strong impact-proof powder coating and spokeless wheels for maximum safety. Viking products are toys with great play and activity value. Each of the many different products is designed for children with different levels of motor skills and aimed at helping them in their play and development. Full spare part service is available. Easy to assemble. 



Winther Mini Viking Tricycles for Toddlers 

Childcares and schools have trusted and relied upon our Winther Viking Tricycles for years,which is why we are excited to offer you these Winther Mini Viking Tricycles. The same great quality, just in a smaller size. The many different trike models help develop children's motor skills at an age when they are busy experimenting with using their own bodies, and finding new ways to move. These tricycles carry a 3 year warranty on frames and forks. Full spare part service available. Easy to assemble. 



Winther Circleline Tricycles 

This line is made in an attractive, modern design and strong quality, complying with all current safety standards on the market. The different models provide many opportunities to stimulate motor skills, creativity and social skills. Easy to assemble. A class-leading 5-year frame warranty with a budget-friendly price!



Winther Tutle Kiddy Bus and Stroller

Selecting the right stroller for your centre involves considering details about the ages and sizes of the children riding your local terrain, and the amount of storage space you have. Not only is it a large financial commitment, but your choice will affect the activities available to your centre for the life of the vehicle. Let us help!

Call our Customer Service toll free at 1-800-268-4011 for tips on buying the best stroller to meet you needs.   


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