Winther 6-Seater Turtle Bus with Canopies, Storage Trays

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Ages 0-3

Move multiple children safely and efficiently, the Turtle Bus makes outdoor adventures easy for children and adults.

Extremely maneuverable, the Turtle Bus is only 75cm (30”) wide so it easily fits through most doorways and elevators.

The Bus is not only robust, it also features a well-thought-out design that focuses on safety, durability and ergonomics.

  • Children sit in pairs opposite each other, facilitating communication;
  • Sturdy steel chassis’ handlebar and foot bar, levers the bus over curbs and rough terrain;
  • Plus the side door for getting in and out, just like in a real bus, saves adults the strain of repeated heavy lifting.

  • automatic parking brakes,
  • puncture proof tires,
  • rear drum brakes,
  • easy-on washable seatbelts and cushions.

Two-year warranty on chassis, body and wheels.

Ages 6 months - 4 years (15kg).

Measures 175 cm W x 75 cm D x 105 cm H (69" W x 30" D x 41-1/2" H). 36 kg (79 lbs).




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