Lofts & Nursery Gyms

Children need an environment that encourages movement.  Multi-level structures provide variety and also expand your play space allowing for both active, social play and cozy, quiet corners.


Our Community Playthings Lofts and  transform your environment and increase valuable play space. Thanks to their modular design, all lofts (except Corner Kits) feature multiple floor plans which can be changed allowing for new and exciting play environments. You can also add to and customize your loft by adding accessories. All lofts are easy to assemble and require no tools! The tool-free levelling feet make your loft 

Nursery Gyms

 This is a Fun-zone for Toddlers! Children scramble up the inclined ramps and cruise from activity to activity. Each Nursery Gym has a mirror panel and tactile carpet panel to expand the experience for toddlers. The stain resistant nylon carpet can be removed for cleaning. Panels, ramp, and stairs are interchangeable. Platform height is a safe 38 cm (15"). 

For Your Safety

For safe use, a minimum ceiling height of 8' (96") is required. Install away from light fixtures, skylights, sprinkler systems, hanging ceiling panels or any other hazards. 

Lofts & Nursery Gyms

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