Blocks by Community Playthings

One of the most powerful learning toys of all time.

– Stevanne Auerbach,

Community Playthings blocks are carefully designed, manufactured with craft out of maple hardwood for durability and learning.   And their unique modular design makes them powerful tools for discovering proportion, volume and principals of construction.

Just make sure you purchase enough to satisfy all your young builders’ requirements.


Modularity is the Key


outlast unit wood blocks play early childhood classroom learning regio inspired community playthings


Educators agree that modular blocks can teach mathematical concepts like length, volume, fractions and geometry – even literacy.

All Unit Blocks and Hollow Blocks share the same modular dimensions: the length of each unit is exactly twice the width, which is exactly twice the thickness. And when you mix all four sets, you'll find that the Mini Units are half the size of the Unit, which are half the size of the Mini Hollows... et cetera.  This modularity inspires children to build stable structures combining all the sets, while exploring important math concepts.

unit blocks community playthings louise kool collection exclusive reggio inspired play to learn 


Hollow Blocks by Community Playthings


hollow blocks community playthings louise kool and galt play to learn reggio inspired 


Lifting, bending, carrying, stacking - large muscles and imaginations are hard at work with when your children build with Community Playthings Hollow Blocks.  With these easy-to-grasp blocks, children can create their own child-sized play structures!

Hollow Blocks are built to last from solid maple with tight joints fastened with screws and protected by a non-toxic clear finish.

Hollow Blocks can be used with Community Playthings Mini Unit Blocks, Unit Blocks, and Mini Hollow Blocks -- they all share the same modular dimensions.

Choose from five sets, and add any number of individual blocks to satisfy your young builders' requirements.



Mini Hollow Blocks


mini hollow blocks community playthings reggio inspired louise kool play to learn


Open ends allow toddler-sized hands to pick them up easily.

Add variety and fun by combining all 4 block families. Mini Hollow Blocks use the same modular dimensions as Mini Unit Blocks, Unit Blocks, and Hollow Blocks.

Toddler-appropriate weight and size

Compatible with Small Trucks.


Unit Blocks


unit blocks in use community playthings louise kool reggio inspired natural wood 


“I often tell people that if I had only a very limited budget and was starting my own childcare program or preschool program, I would spend most of my money on a good set of unit blocks…Unit blocks have such intense value—they touch every area of the curriculum, every area of child development.”

Karen Miller, Early Childhood Education author

Unit blocks by Community Playthings are a popular means of learning and a medium for expressing rhythm, pattern and design.  Children love the feel of the smooth, rounded wood, and never tire of the endless variety of constructions they can create.

Unit Blocks are made from solid maple and are exceptionally resistant to splintering and denting. Finger friendly: velvet-smooth, with evenly curved edges and no sharp corners, Unit Blocks are carefully and accurately cut.  The care and craft put into Unit Blocks are crucial in reinforcing math concepts and for stability of structures.

Unit Blocks are modular and integrate seamlessly with Mini Unit Blocks, Hollow Blocks, and Mini Hollow Blocks.



Mini – Unit Blocks


mini unit blocks community playthings reggio inspired louise kool wood natural  

Introduce toddlers to open-ended constructive play!

Ideal table-top manipulatives for preschoolers.  All the benefits and modularity of Unit Blocks but in a size suitable for toddlers.  But the modular proportions mean that older children will use the min-unit blocks for detail on their other Community Playthings constructions.



Outlast Outdoor Blocks by Community Playthings


outlast outdoor wood blocks play early childhood classroom learning regio inspired community playthings


Outlast Blocks deliver all the benefits associated with open-ended block play – outdoors!

With ramps, interlocking water pans, crates, steering wheels and ingenious storage, children can build their own play structures outdoors.

With their unique design elements and built of non-toxic acetylated wood that won’t warp, shrink, split or rot, Louise Kool backs them with our Lifetime Warranty.

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Blocks by Community Playthings

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