4 Ways that Carpets Upgrade Your Childcare Space
Keep your space fresh and returning children engaged. 
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      First stop – Carpets!  

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      4 Functions of Carpets in a Child Care or Classroom Space

       Montessori Academy Learning Centre Infant Room with carpet in child care centre.

      (Picture of Montessori Academy Learning Centre's, Infant Room, Guelph Ontario)

      Carpets are not only decorative but in a childcare or early years classroom they can fulfill key functional roles too.  Here are our 4 reasons why to invest in a new carpet or two for your centre!






      1.    Enliven a space

      Bright colours, big shapes, lively patterns or a central image can bring attention to what otherwise might be an ignored corner of your centre, giving it new purpose.




      carpet first nations carpets for kids child care centre


      2.    Teaching tool

      Numbers, letters, maps, or themes like First Nations, the World et cetera printed on a carpet are great ways to bring attention to a recurring theme.  They can also serve as a reminder of and an opportunity for reflection on the key values of your community or the goals of your centre.



       carpet for learning geometric pattern child care centre montessori



      3.    Activity tool

      Whether abstract patterns, or easily recognizable images a carpet can be used for a variety of activities.

      • Calming patterns for sitting and listening time
      • Geometric designs can be giant game board
      • Generic street plan or landscape for building a community on, or populating with animals or people
      • Create common teaching activities – word building, sentence building, re-grouping numbers, decimal grids etc. – but at a full-body scale to engage kinesthetic learners.
      • Regular pattern or a large weave can be a way to measure distance




      carpet early child care learning centre sleep nap relaxation reading nook


      4.    Define a space.

      In a big open room, carpets create a focal point that define and distinguish a space from the larger area – reading, math, maker space, quiet area etc. 

      You can also put carpets on a wall too.  If you have an echoey room, materials on the wall can cut down the resonance and help reduce your noise levels, too.

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