Lofts and Nursery Gyms: Transform Child Care Spaces

Lofts and Nursery Gyms: Transform Child Care Spaces

Lofts and Nursery Gyms don’t just add valuable floor space to your classroom, but add variety to your environment too for an extremely versatile upgrade that can transform your child care space.

Keep your space fresh and returning children engaged. 
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The investment in a good quality loft or nursery gym is not insubstantial, easily running into several thousand dollars.  But thinking in terms of your quantity of use formula that we talked about in our last post, a well-built indoor multi-level structure is an investment that pays off quickly.

Multi-levels for Infinite possibilities

Like a climbing structure brought indoors, a loft can satisfy needs for gross motor and physical activity. 

Of course kids are climbing up and down, but you’ll find children will also run around, jump steps, crawl, roll down balls or experiment with other objects inspired by getting off the ground.

In addition lofts, under their elevated levels, have natural cozy alcoves for quiet time.  With the Community Playthings loft (pictured below), the railings on the steps and on the top level are high enough, that a simple flowy will define even more quiet spots.

It’s easy to turn a loft into focal point of a dramatic play provocation – from corner store, to spaceship, to rainforest.  Add pictures, an unusual element, students own art, or dramatic lighting with a few flashlights or lamps and let your children shape their own narrative with inspired open-ended play. 

For adult teachers and facilitators, a loft or even nursery gym can be the perfect spot for storytelling (from steps or high levels), reading or puppet shows.






Look for Durable Construction, Thoughtful Design

But, if there is any piece of furniture where you have to carefully consider not just the quality of the construction and materials but the design as well, it is the loft or nursery gym.

Think of how much punishment either piece will have to endure, day in and out.  

  • Kids will grab, shake and pull the posts and railings,
  • Little feet will pound the steps and ramps -- jumping on and off them.
  • Adults will also be climbing the steps and using the various levels

Unlike an outdoor play structure, you can’t anchor a loft in concrete footings or build them out of heavy steel.  You also can’t just hose it down, if there’s a messy mishap, and you might even have to shift it, depending on how your centre adapts to changing demographics. So the construction of this structure has to allow for easy maintenance and flexibility.

Why Community Play Things Lofts:

Community Playthings (CP) Lofts and Nursery Gyms are the only multi-level indoor play structures Louise Kool carries. 

We have not found any other manufacturer we can confidently back with our lifetime limited warranty and service that has proven be able to stand up to the wear and tear inherent to these furnishings.

For decades Community Playthings has refined a rigorous design process that includes failure mode and effects analysis to reduce the risk of equipment-related accidents.  And their Green chemistry policy means all furniture is made from low-emitting materials that are BPA and PVC free.

Here are a few more important reasons why Louise Kool only carries CP lofts and nursery gyms:

Durable construction:

  • CP structures are made of maple hardwood.
  • They are built using mortise and tenon joints — one of the strongest in woodworking. 
  • Their protective finish is infrared bonded – does not wear off no matter how often little hands grab it and how often you clean it.


Thoughtful Safe Design
  • Removable carpet for easy cleaning
  • Childproof latches, and rounded edges
  • No tool assembly, for maximum flexibility
Tool free levelling feet for stability on uneven floors
Gates, Drama Windows and other accessories are easy to add


Lofts and nursery gyms are large investments that have the potential to transform your space. Consider your purchase carefully, contact Louise Kool for more detailed information and advice from one of our in-house experts.