Building Minds and Bodies with Blocks... with Diane Kashin and Cindy Green!

Building Minds and Bodies with Blocks... with Diane Kashin and Cindy Green!

With almost 100 participants, our workshop in Oshawa was a huge success! From networking to learning to playing, the April 20th Building Minds and Bodies with Blocks workshop made for an excellent day for everyone involved.

We explored a variety of blocks and learned all about block history, and how to engage children with block play as well as how to lay-out, organize, and improve block play areas.


 A huge thank you goes out to Diane Kashin and Cindy Green for leading us in a day rich in educational experiences.

Participants greatly appreciated all the opportunities to apply the ideas Cindy and Diane presented immediately with the materials in the room:

The layout of the room allowed for ample opportunity to get hands-on experience with a variety of excellent toys and resources. 

There were also many chances to share with colleagues and brainstorm approaches that could actually be implemented back in their respective classrooms. Participants were even invited to fill out a “Block Pledge” with a written promise to do something differently.


“Extremely knowledgeable presenters. Relevant topics, tips to take back to school and implement right away.”


As the presenters iterated again, and again, the block learning area is the foundation of an effective play-to-learn environment. Block play is never just play.  The basics of building with blocks have all the fundamentals of STEM fields and inspire creativity and heightened learning.

Participants had lots of chances to explore:

Community Playthings Outlast

Unit Blocks



Tree Blocks


Curlicue Rods

Dusyma Block Products

Light and Colour Tables

Loose Parts

Even our new Wobble Boards

We played and discussed how block play works and doesn't work in the classroom. Through videos and a fun “Chalk Talk”, Diane and Cindy made sure that the key points of the workshop were discussed and reflected upon.


“Loved it. It was fun getting to meet others and reflecting on what… we have been doing in our classroom.”

By the time 3:30 rolled around, everyone was excited to keep building and learning themselves, and sharing what they’ve learned with colleagues and students.  Throw in a few amazing grand prizes and people were leaving with a smile on their face.

“I was so thrilled to be there and it was more than I expected.  I gleaned so much and was inspired to change up some of my own thinking as well as share with my colleagues. THANK YOU so very much for a fantastic day of learning!!!”

We at Louise Kool had a fabulous time, and we’re looking forward to creating similar workshops closer to you. Check out some of the posts and pictures at our hashtag on Instagram and Twitter #BuildingBlocksLKG


Do you want us to come to your city for a workshop?  Want to suggest a theme?  Let us know via social network or Email us.



Aug 27, 2018
Pam Patterson

Excellent ideas Thank you for sharing.

Apr 27, 2018
Cindy G

A big shout out to Louise Kool and Galt for hosting this blocks extravaganza!

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