Since 1925, Dusyma has offered high quality, multi-faceted play and learning material. Shaped by the principals of heuristic play, these learning resources contribute to child development through moving, experiencing and exploring.

Dusyma’s unique Reggio inspired toys and games are designed with childcare thought leaders to encourage development by stimulating all the senses.

With a focus on natural materials, German engineered Dusyma products are quality built to handle the intense repeated use they inspire.


Heuristic Learning and Loose parts 

Heuristic Materials 

Heuristic Play is a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on children's curiosity about the objects that make up the world around them. There is no right way or wrong way to play with Heuristic Play resources, so everyone's ideas are equally valid and worthwhile. The open-ended nature of the resources means that all children can explore and investigate in their own way, applying their own creative ideas and building on their own experiences. All items come with what is shown in the images. Ages 1+ 


Dusyma set of wooden brushes


Sand Trays & Accessories 

Great for practicing pre-handwriting skills, promoting concentration, creativity, hand-eye co-ordination and basic left/right co-ordination skills. Wonderful shapes and patterns can be drawn using glass nuggets, shells, or other materials. These exceptional trays are constructed of beech wood and feature a strong, durable safety-glass bottom.

All trays feature a built-in slot underneath the glass base where coloured paper and other materials can be inserted for added effect. Great for use with light tables and panels.  


Large Sand Tray


Block Play 

Uhl Building Blocks

These blocks, named after the creator, provide endless possibilities for creative play and discovery. 

All modular by design and some sets come with a sturdy wooden box with lid. Choose from the basic styles or a Treasure Collection. 

Rectangle blocks measure 7 cm L x 3 cm W x 1 1/2 cm T 



Luxy Luminescent Building Blocks 

Luxy Luminescent Building Blocks create architecture of light. Whether colourful or transparent, cuboids, columns, or cupolas, Luxy Luminescent Building Blocks add a magical touch to every building. Make from sanitized plexi glass. 




Lumi Translucent Building Blocks 

Made from a transparent material with a shimmering satin surface in enriched hues of white, soft pastels and brighter tones. Use on your light panel or mirror surface to make works of art and creative architectures. 






Prismo transparent triangles fit snugly into transparent frames so the pieces don't fall out when creating beautiful patterns. 

To empty, simply turn the frame over and apply gentle pressure to release the triangles. An added bonus; you can thread a string or wire through the back of the frame to display in a window. 



Aximo is ideal for developing logical thinking, abstract reasoning and imaginative and manipulative skills. 

Available in Jumbo and Student sizes, Aximo can also reach understandings of symmetry, patterning, creative thinking, counting, 100's board activities, graphing, fraction, decimals, and even percentages! The possibilities are endless 


Mini Ball System

This Mini Ball System is made of beechwood, making it remarkably durable. Both sides of the wooden trays are playable, extending play value. Each side of the trays have dimples for balls arranged in rows on one side, and in an offset arrangement on the other: Great for developing fine motor skills! 




Colour and Shadow Experimental Set 

Use with flashlights, coloured light bulbs or a light panel for dramatic experimentation with colour and shadow. Includes 14 Luxy Translucent Building Blocks of different colours and shapes, 8 wood building blocks, 20 Dusyma-Interlocking blocks, 20 Knupferli, 3 glass drops, and 10 foils with printed samples, all in a cotton bag.



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