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Markham EarlyON Outdoor Classroom

This EarlyOn centre serves a variety of ages from infant to preschool. They needed versatile open ended outdoor resources that were flexible, durable and age neutral. The Centre's building – a post-war ranch style home – was leased, limiting their options for landscaping limited. Investing in fixed playground equipment was also risky. If they had to move when their lease was up in a few years, tens of thousands of dollars would be wasted!

The Outlast Blocks and the Outlast Toddler Activity Set create rugged and engaging outdoor environments for all their ages. The Outlast Project and Play Tables are easily arranged for focused invitations, art exploration and eating, too. The Toddler Bridge, Tunnel and Platforms were used by all ages. Secure and stable they added variety to the yard in levels and surfaces without landscaping. And two staff members could easily move the pieces to change the configuration of the yard. But unlike fixed playground equipment, if this EarlyOn has to move, all of the Outlast pieces can be packed up and taken with them. Even the sheds!

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Project Table Toddler Set - 16" H5' 0"1' 4"3' 4"1
Outlast Shed5' 0" 5' 2" 3' 4"2
Outlast Play table Preschool - 18" H2' 6"1' 6"3' 4"6
Starter Platform Set3' 8"8"3' 8"1
Outlast Toddler Climibing Set7' 4"1' 0"3' 8"1
Outlast Bridge5' 0"2' 2"2' 4"1