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Polydrons are geometric construction shapes for schools. Their unique joints readily snap together giving a superior hinge. This design is critical to forming two and three-dimensional geometric shapes.

Polydrons have earned the respect of teachers and pupils around the world for over 30 years, as an ideal resource for children to discover


Two and three-dimensional geometry





    XL Polydron – Life-Size Construction

    Imagine being able to build castles, a princess's tower, cars, boats, and houses with tunnels to crawl through!
    XL Polydron are kid-sized building pieces (L 59 x W 43 x H42 cm) allowing them to build large constructions while discovering shape, 2 and 3 dimensional objects, texture, team-work and role play.
    XL Polydron is 4 times the size of Giant Polydron and they connect together perfectly; all the accessories for Giant Polydron can be used with XL Polydron:
    • Clip-in Write-on/Wipe off Panels,
    • Mirrors,
    • Windows
    • and even Giant Cogs.

    Magnetic Polydron

    Combines the fun of construction with the lessons of polarity.
    Join when the polarity is correct in line with the colours allowing children to experiment with different shapes.

    Mega Mag Polydron’s are chunky, brightly coloured squares and triangles quickly and easily fit together to make a wide range of shapes and models.
    Due to their polarity, magnets are self-correcting, and the coloured side (orange, yellow, green, purple or blue) pieces join together, but not with the reverse white side.

    Squares measure 12 cm x 12 cm.

    Downloadable Free Resources