Hashmag Magnetic Polydron

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Set Size: 24 Piece Set
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Explore a totally new way to construct magnetically in 2D and 3D.  6 translucent colours, fully compatible with Magnetic Polydron sets for new dimensions to geometric explorations. Sets come with classroom building guide. 

4H x 12W x12L cm (1.5” x 5” x 5”). 12 triangles and 12 squares

Ages 3+


Polydron -- Made for the Classroom


Magnetic Polydron sets are colour coded to indicate polarity and they click as the coloured faces attract to each other, self-correcting. Snapping two dimensional nets into three dimensional volumes powerfully reinforces science and geometry instruction. The strong magnets, and chunky sizes make it easy for small hands to form robust constructions from the most elemental of two dimensional shapes. Built for education and care environments the durability and quality in construction is unmatched, ensuring years of constant classroom use.

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