Literacy isn’t just about assembling letters or comprehending words. It includes different ways to communicate including plays, poems as well as prose and other forms.

Engage all your learners’ interests and all learning styles. Tell stories about science and math. Use puppets to recreate observations. Have a variety of tools and materials close at hand to add literacy to any provocation, environment or learning centre, indoors and out.



Books of all types will engage your learners. But using props, as extensions to narratives, help engage students into story structures.  Vocabulary cards and other visuals make new concepts and words sticky and easy to retain.


Goodnight Moon Storytelling Book Set

goodnight moon reading literacy story telling early childhood louise kool canada

Cultural Diversity Board Books

cultural diversity literacy reading book louise kool set





Research shows that scribbling by children of language backgrounds is observably different.  Scribbling is a key pre-writing early literacy behaviour, regardless how much keyboards and other technologies are in store for writing in the future.   

Encourage capture and celebrate proto-writing in all its forms. Whether with a writing tool, pre-formed letters, vocabulary cards or sequencing games.

Encourage expression in different narrative forms.  With puppetry and dramatic play students can form narratives together.

Fairy Tale Story Inventor

fairy story inventor louise kool writing early years early childhood education



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