Widgit Online Standard Annual Subscription

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Ages 0-3

Note: this is a license for up to 20 users on a single site. 

Support learning and communication by creating visual schedules, self-regulation strategies, vocabulary building materials and activities with Widgit Online. Just type and Widgit Online adds the symbol from a 50K+ vocabulary - all from your web browser, meaning there's no software for you to install!  


With over 70 templates to choose from, easily create symbol resources on the cloud:

  • Create visual schedules, stories, and more
  • Create labels with ease using Avery labels and templates
  • Create in English, French
  • Canadian vocabulary available (landmarks, historical figures, etc.)
  • Access 14,000 Widgit Symbols with free automatic symbol updates
  • With cloud access, it’s easy to create, print and share between rooms or even centres
  • INCLUDES the Dual-Language Add-On:  so that you can translate your materials to 80+ languages with the click of a button


Note: Includes up to 30 user accounts on a single building site -- e.g. a school, or multi-room childcare centre. Includes shared folders for sharing of resources between staff.



CREATE - visual schedules, worksheets, calendars, visual stories, poems and more with ease. Copy and paste for quick symbolizing, switch out symbols with a picture from the internet or your camera. 

SAVE - your materials in the cloud and easily access them from anywhere with an internet connection, or share between classrooms.

CANADIAN - Widgit Online is packed with Canadian symbols like provinces, cities, historical figures, place names (The Rockies, Laurentians, Sir John A MacDonald) and more.

ONLINE - Widgit Online is accessed from the browser and does not require installation. Plus Widgit Online is automatically updated with the latest symbols and vocabulary.

MULTILINGUAL - Automatically translate your materials to 80+ languages with a press of a button. Simply add your English content to one of the 70+ ready made templates and click the translate button. 


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