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Blocks are teachers, not just toys.

Blocks have captured the imagination of generations of children as well as being the cornerstone of developmentally appropriate play.  Blocks are an ideal catalyst for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) in your learning environment

Louise Kool has an unmatched selection of natural material and unique designs that will inspire all your budding makers.

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Snap-in, Magnets or Mass -- Many ways to Build


Louise Kool has lots of different ways to construct your structure.  Have a variety in your learning areas and sufficient quantity to keep all your learners engaged and discovering.



Tegu collection Louise Kool and galt magnetic blocks maker space Magnets in Tegu makes it easy to experiment and get creative.   Arches, planks and different dimensions keep students discovering the most essential and ancient principals of engineering that hold our world together to this day.


keva planks collection louise kool early childhood blocks construction maker   Simply stack wood planks to create buildings, monuments and geometric forms. It’s the ideal activity to help kids gain an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as an interest in architecture, building and design.   
Combining planks into your existing block collection allows children to experiment with ideas like cantilevering, inclined planes, levers and more.  


Hardwood building and planks by Dusyma.  A large comfortable size inspires little hands. 




Lego and Duplo

lego duplo early childhood education school canada collection louise kool
Snap in to get colourfully creative – Our Lego and Duplo collection for education is unmatched and in-stock.




Display and Storage


Think of where the children will be building their structures.  Adding levels or light can ignite more creativity. Carefully planned storage will make provocations practical to stage and easy to clean-up. 

Block Cabinet

block cabinet birch early childhood education

Hollow Block Cart

block community playthings hollow storage louise kool


Indoor Blocks by Community Playthings


unit hollow blocks modularity community playthings louise kool collection reggio inspired 


The simple yet revolutionary Unit Blocks is how Community Playthings got started in 1950. They were built to last and carefully crafted from solid maple to be proportionate to each other:  they all share the same modular dimensions.

The easy-to-grasp Hollow blocks are a more recent addition. Hollow blocks inspire imaginations and hard work with large muscles allowing them to build their own large play structures.  

All Community Playthings blocks modularity allows children to build stable structures combining all the sets and discover geometric principals in three dimensions.

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Outlast Outdoor Blocks by Community Playthings


outlast outdoor play early childhood classroom learning regio inspired community playthings

Outlast wood blocks by Community Playthings are carefully designed to survive even the Canadian outdoors in all seasons.  Protected by the non-toxic acetylation process (the only by product, of which is vinegar) Outlast Blocks won’t warp, rot or split whether left out to bake in the sun, get soaked by rain, frozen or buried in snow. 

That’s why we back Outlast blocks with Louise Kool’s Lifetime Warranty.

Outlast blocks are combined with ramps, water pans and other accessories so that children can build their own solid play structures, outdoors.

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