Widgit Online FREE printable resources

Free Spring and Ramadan Printable resources created with Widgit 


For free download, here are:  

32 fun spring activities and vocabulary resources  


A series of Widgit Symbol supported information, activities and stationery centered around Ramadan. 

Both pdf sets of visuals are suitable for preK to grade 2 and are created with Widgit software.  


Spring pack

widgit online visual and resources for spring louisekool and galt

The Spring pack can be used for independent activities and group work and includes: 

  • Stories  
  • Pairs and categorizing activities 
  • Vocabulary and coloring sheets 
  • A poem 
  • Displays and more  

FREE download Spring Pack


Ramadan Pack

widgit online visuals and resources louise kool and galt

The Ramadan pack contains 13 engaging Widgit Symbols supported materials, including: 

  • Ramadan story and fact sheet 
  • Vocabulary lists and flashcards 
  • Matching games 
  • Word search and more.

FREE download Ramadan Pack


Widgit Online is a super easy-to-use webtool for creating visuals and picture supported materials -- just type and the pictures pop-up!  You can even copy and paste text in and in seconds you’ll see pictures above each word.  

Create engaging visual schedules, recipes, nametags, labels, introduce new vocabulary, invitations and more.  Dozens of included templates make it quick and easy.  And with the Multi-lingual add-on, you can even create bilingual materials incorporating over 90 languages.  


To learn more about Widgit Online click here: https://louisekool.com/pages/widgit-online  

You can also signup here for a 21 day free trial for Widgit Online. 


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