Picture Rich Visuals for this Holiday Season:  Discover Widgit Online

Picture Rich Visuals for this Holiday Season: Discover Widgit Online

Widgit Online is a super easy-to-use webtool for creating visuals and picture supported materials -- just type and the pictures pop-up!  You can even copy and paste text in.

Create recipes, nametags, labels, visual schedules, introduce new vocabulary, invitations and more.  Dozens of included templates make it quick and easy. You can signup here for a 21 day free trial for Widgit Online.

To get you started, below we’ve included free downloadable resources created in Widgit Online to celebrate the fall:

In the coming weeks we’ll share some resources for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. 


Clear visuals at children’s eye level in words and pictures is good practice that is mandated in many jurisdictions across the country. 

  • Labeling locations of materials and learning areas for quick cleanup by the children
  • Diagrams for introducing new vocabulary
  • Visual schedules
  • Calendars
  • Student names



Instead of cutting, pasting, photocopying with muddy, inconsistent images, Widgit delivers:

  • Thoughtfully designed, clearly drawn picture vocabulary of over 60,000 words, that focuses on teaching word families. Including Canadian specific vocabulary: provinces, landmarks, historical figures. 
  • Use your own photos and pictures – for consistency in your classroom. Type the word and they pop right up!
  • Templates for Avery labels, certificates, word banks, visual schedules, timetables, flash cards, matching games, and so much more.


In future posts we’ll focus in on Widgit’s multilingual features that let you easily reflect and celebrate the diversity of your community and share information with parents and guardians for whom English may not be their first language.

Sign up to Widgit Online for as little as $9 per month or $90 for an entire year. Download the free sample materials today and try your 21 day free trial for Widgit Online.




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