Symbolized Oh Canada in Widgit Online

Widgit Online is a super easy-to-use webtool for creating visuals and picture supported materials -- just type and the pictures pop-up!  You can even copy and paste text in.


As when we symbolized, our fall collection of materials that included the poem, In Flanders FieldsO Canada's abstract language created some interesting challenges, on how to visualize certain words.

[CLICK HERE to download the pdf]

Deciding which symbol or picture best represents an idea, can function as an invitation for reflection and discussion about the meaning of words.  It can be a way for children to delve into the multiple meanings of words and how context affects that.

The accompanying vocab sheet, includes a few famous landmarks, both built and natural, from right across the country.  

In some cases we used photographs instead of Widgit symbols -- its easy to substitute and then Widgit Online will save your preference.  This is a great feature when creating name and picture signs of your children.  

But Widgit Online has symbols ready for Canadian places like the Rockies, Great Lakes and Laurentians.  As with so much in our country -- these places are hard to fit in a single image.

Try it out yourself! Create recipes, nametags, labels, visual schedules, introduce new vocabulary, invitations and more.  Dozens of included templates make it quick and easy. You can signup here for a 21 day free trial for Widgit Online.

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