Brand New, Unique Products from our Pre-Order Collection -- on SALE Now!

Brand New, Unique Products from our Pre-Order Collection -- on SALE Now!

At the 2018 Toy Fairs in Nuremberg, Germany and New York City, we found brand new and unique products we couldn’t wait until 2019 to share with you.

Find ALL of the items in this collection ON SALE!

Pre-order by the end of April to get 10% off furniture, and 15% off resources.






The Tree House Cottage and Accessories

We saw this charming 3-storey natural wood Tree House Cottage at the New York City Toy Fair this past February, and knew it would be a great learning resource for any childcare centre or classroom. It’s designed to allow for group play –unlike a traditional dollhouse with only one open side. With no walls, let alone a back, a number of children can circle and play with the natural wood Tree House at once helping to develop social skills, and practice cooperative play. 

Let children be the architects of their own cottage – build walls or posts with the loose tree blocks, move the ladders or stairs to create a new entry way… the options are endless! All with natural wood elements reflecting real trees. Versatility combined with imaginative play allows for endless fun and creativity.



Honey Bee Number Stones & Activity Cards,

1-2-3-4-5 Frame Tray Set

We found these adorable honey bee counting stones at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.  They make a great addition to any early years maths program – both indoors and out! The numbers on each stone are slightly raised to give a tactile experience for deeper understanding of the number system.

The vibrant photographic backgrounds on the activity cards spark children’s interest, inviting active participation!

Educational Value:

  • Develops an understanding of basic numbers, their concept, and how they can be represented in different contexts.
  • Develops and reinforces number recognition skills.
  • Explores number sequences, odd and even numbers, addition, subtraction,

Pair the stones & activity cards with our 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-Frame Tray Set, pictured above (also on special!) to explore which number bonds can be created on a single tray. The 5 beautiful wooden trays encourage are a great way to introduce not just counting, but grouping, series, addition and subtraction.


The IO Block Table Centre

The IO Block Table is a sturdy Birchwood play centre and a great way to introduce the award winning IO Block, system.  Its collaborative environment, and play-based nature helps develop important STEM skills.  Explore construction, engineering and principles of physics with simple machines all in a collaborative, creative way. 

Children have limitless options of what they can build with the gears, slides, IO people, and IO block pieces on the secure, raised grid tabletop.  and they can 


Giant Wooden Letters

Enhance your student’s learning with these beautiful, giant, Birchwood letters from Dusyma.





Children are more capable of forming words, and learning all of the letters with something tangible in front of them – rather than just a pen and paper! Not to mention it’s more fun for the student to have props to guide them through language activities. Using the sense of touch, these giant-sized, smooth letters that are handmade in Germany will give children a tactile experience, and prompt them to form their first words!

The giant wooden letters are sold in two separate sets – uppercase and lowercase. Pre-order one of each at our discounted price to form a more comprehensive language centre.


Enjoy the pre-order sale while it lasts! Click here to check out the rest of the items in this unique collection!

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