Children’s Rehab Playroom is both Adaptable and Inviting

Children’s Rehab Playroom is both Adaptable and Inviting

A children’s rehabilitation hospital, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, needed to refresh their playroom space.  Along with new protocols implemented in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted to create a flexible space that could accommodate three cohorts of children. 

They needed spaces that could adapt easily to the changing needs of their population while still being engaging and inviting for a variety of play.

Used primarily by inpatient children, they were looking to create a more natural look, that was light warm and inviting -- an alternative to the clinical atmosphere and cold materials of the typical hospital room.

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bloorview room inclusive.png__PID:f318e03b-874f-4faa-a500-405aff5a62a5


A long, rectangular room, Roomscapes panels connected to shelves delineated spaces.  Transparent panels were chosen to allow for maximum visibility for adults and easy supervision.  Sweep shelves and curved arches of the panels softened the space, making it more inviting. 


bloorview room inclusive adjustable shelves gate.png__PID:3474d5f3-18e0-4b87-8fbf-aa6500405aff

bloorview room inclusive listening cube.png__PID:d5f318e0-3b87-4fbf-aa65-00405aff5a62

An inviting canopy turned a practical display shelf into a play resource. This illiminates dead spaces when shelving is used to divide room.   

Also the back of the shelf is covered with fuzzy hook fastener (e.g. Velcro) accepting material so that children’s artwork, posters, social scripts etc. can be displayed.  Clear but rugged backing covers, protect displayed materials from damage. Backing covers are available in a variety of sizes as well as chalkboard and mirror backings.

Community Playthings shelves have uniquely designed wheels.  Unlike traditional castors, they are attached to a kickplate.  When the kickplate is down, the unit cannot roll, or even slide easily because the wheels aren’t in contact with the ground, at all. 

So, although they are easy to move around, to redefine the space, once in place with the wheels up, Community Playthings’ shelves are a solid anchor for posts and panels of a Roomscapes design.

bloorview room inclusive dramatic play.png__PID:74d5f318-e03b-474f-bfaa-6500405aff5a



The tables here are a mix of the heavier Classroom Tables that are rarely moved, and the thinner, lighter MultiTables.  The MultiTables have leg storage on the underside to make it easy to tuck them out of the way in a closet, or against the wall when not in use.

But the legs used in both types of tables, Classroom and MultiTables are uniquely adaptable.  They screw in and out easily without any tools.   They can also come with fast height adjustable legs – as was used in this room.  A ring on the leg is pulled and the legs slide and snap into several different heights with minimal effort.  An adult can quickly adjust the table to accommodate a sitting child or one in a standup walker, or a power wheelchair. 

The shape of the five legged u-shape table can offer extra support to a child that needs it. 

In an in patient hospital setting, cleaning and hygiene protocols are extemely rigorous.  Durability of finishes and surfaces of all furniture was essential. Build quality and ruggedness was a key factor in the decision to implement Community Playthings furniture. 

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