Dusy Work Bench

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Build on creative STEM play and inspire an appreciation of craft with this versatile solid wood bench.  

Designed for children to work with real tools safely, the low height maximizes all of a child’s power and strength.  

Up to 3 children can lean in and work comfortably from all sides.  With hand grips to aid portability, use the bench outdoors or in.

With a variety of notches, dents and 16 pilot holes for the 2 included clamps, safely secure branches, planks, dowels or other wood of various sizes, easily.  Flip the bench over to drill cut or nail larger pieces.

Comes with two clamps and straps. 

Dusy tools are sold separately.  Click for more information:

Dusy Saw

Dusy Drill

Dusy Screwdriver

Dusy Chestnut Drill Set



75cm L x 35cm W x 25cm H.

Ages 4+

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