Word Building Chalkboard Kit

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Versatile resource for building words, phonemic awareness and decoding for young learners.  

Engaging puzzle style boards with clever visual cues support letter recognition and printing.  Phoneme cards have a fun design introducing word families. 

Neutral colours and chunky wood pieces with vowels in white help youngsters focus. Tracers support fine motor development and confidence in printing and letter awareness. 

Kit includes: 

  • 12 Chalkboard Puzzle Word Families 
  • 5 Vowel specific 
  • 5 Specific word family endings 
  • 2 Open ended puzzles 
  • 1 Sound boxes  
  • 20 Activity cards 
  • 4-6 pieces of small chalk for little hands  
  • CHALK slot directly on puzzles for handy chalk storage    

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