Tricky Laying Game

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This pentomino game engages mathematical, logic and strategic thinking.  The game contains detailed playing instructions with many variations for a variety of abilities. 

On one side is a game based on pentomino (the principal that tetris is based on) on the other wooden coloured spheres are used for patterning.

While playing this game, children are introduced to fundamental math concepts and skills including:

  • counting and subutizing
  • set concepts
  • shape matching
  • grouping
  • addition
  • subtraction

The Tricky Laying Game is also an excellent introduction to key coding skills, too. 

Can be used in single or group play.  Like all Dusyma games, the game play is easily levelled and guided by the teacher or new games can be created by the students or teacher. 

. The game contains  detailed playing instructions with many suggestions. Can be used in single or group play.

Promotes many learning functions including:

  • visual perception,
  • spatial perception,
  • development of set concepts,

Ages 3+.


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