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Ages 0-3

Who needs pedals? A toddler's first wheels should be powered by direct contact with the ground. With pinch free joints, a unique over steer protection, and one inch steel tubing, your toddlers will be enjoying this trike for years. Trikes come fully assembled.
  • Tough frame of one-inch steel tubing stands up to years of rigorous play.
  • Baked-on powder coating is automotive-grade, resisting chips and dings.
  • Sealed ball bearings handle years of use without maintenance.
  • Finger pinches? Not a chance. Safety is in the invisible details.
  • Weight: 15½ lbs
  • For ages 2-4 years


Dimensions and specifications

Height: 20½"        

Depth: 18"         

Length: 28½"

  • Finish is a tough baked-on powder coating.
  • Steering has long-wearing Acetal plastic bushings at the top and bottom of the head tube for internal oversteer protection.
  • Frame is welded steel tubing, and contains sealed ball bearings for the pedal cranks.
  • Seats are a soft synthetic rubber.
  • Pedals are long-wearing, impact-resistant, molded synthetic rubber.
  • Wheels are molded plastic with precision ground sealed ball bearings.
  • Footboard is reinforced polypropylene.

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