Tiny BIO Funcars

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Ages 0-3

Explore open-ended sand, dramatic and sensory play, indoors or out, with this environmentally friendly set of durable Danish made 2 little cars. Chunky design ideal for the rigours of a childcare centre or classroom.

    Proportioned for young hands. Natural earthy colours,

    Dishwasher Safe.

    Age 10+ months


      About BIOPlastic Toys


      Bioplastic is a 100% renewable raw material, grown pesticide free and is 100% recyclable. Free of phthalates, PVC, lead, cadmium, mercury and organic tin compounds; as well as the potential allergens of aromatic solvents and fragrances.

      Made in Denmark with the quality and durability you expect from Louise Kool for years of safe use in demanding education and care environments. 


      Nordic Swan Ecolabel 


      The Nordic Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic region. The label is given to the most environmentally friendly products available. Ecolabelling Denmark is responsible for the Nordic Ecolabel in Denmark.  

      The entire ecocycle of the product, from raw material to production, use, disposal and recycling, is included in the assessment., when drawing up the requirements for an ecolabelled product.  


      Quality, Safety and Durability


      Our toys are made with one strong, specially structured piece of plastic. No need to worry about cuts or injuries from sudden cracks or chips of toys. You can also be sure the colours will stay vibrant year after year.

      Free of phthalates, PVC, lead, cadmium, mercury and organic tin compounds; as well as the potential allergens of aromatic solvents and fragrances. 

      European craftsmanship, years of experience and high-quality materials means toys are tested on a regular basis and meet the highest levels of international certification -- ISO 9001 International Quality Certificate conforming to the EN71 Toy Safety Regulations. 

      Environmentally responsible manufacturing keeps energy, water and raw material consumption and waste production low.


      Easy Cleanup


      Even with constant water exposure these toys are specifically designed to avoid crooks and crevices that can trap bacteria, cause mould or hard water staining. Just shake off excess water and air dry!

      Toys can also be placed in the dishwasher (on the top rack) for quick sanitation.


      Ready for You 


      The perfect size for little hands, so that a wide range of ages can experience tools with a real feel.  For the child, they become not just toys but essential tools for creativity.

      We keep our quality sand and water toys in stock.  When you see "Ready to Ship" in our webstore, you know you'll get what you need when you need it.  Backed by our unmatched no backorder guarantee.


      The Louise Kool Difference

      Proven expertise, quality goods, guaranteed service