Silver Metallic 3D Construction Blocks 32pcs

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Ages 0-3

Watch children stack and build shiny creations with this beautiful set of silver metallic blocks. Children develop self-awareness by looking at their own image and reflection.

Their metallic finish is perfect for all ages. From curious babies who like to look, stare and gaze to older children who can learn about reflection as they build amazing creations.

Block play enhances the following learning areas
• Math - shapes, sizes, counting
• Language development- descriptive language
• Problem solving abilities
• Builds self confidence and self esteem
• Imaginative play

Not suitable for use in sand or water or to be soaked. Avoid using in direct sunlight as the mirrored surface will reflect the light. Not suitable to be left outdoors.


A set of 32 pieces consisting of
• 12 x cuboids
• 8 x cubes
• 6 x rectangular prisms
• 6 x pyramids

Suitable from birth

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