Rugged Robot Single

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The first programmable robot designed for outdoor use! Created for robust challenges, coded instructions for the Rugged Robot are created on a tablet with a free app (iOS or Android) or on the TTS TacTile Code Reader -- then sent via Bluetooth.

Works with Rugged Robot mats indoor or outdoors, with a memory of up to 256 steps. Rugged Robot can carry out the most challenging of activities.


  • Rugged design for outdoors
  • 3 speeds
  • Obstacle sensor that can trigger reverse and/or rotate 45 degrees before carrying out the rest of the program.

Winner of the BET 2020 award for the best digital device.


Also sold as a kit with Rugged Robot Activities Book and 4 Mats Rugged Robot Kit – Louise Kool & Galt


Tactile reader sold separately Blue-Bot TacTile Reader Starter Kit – Louise Kool & Galt

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