Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit

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The Evo does everything that the Ozobot Bit does -- including executing screen-free colour based programing and programs created on the OzoBlockly app -- but the Evo is aware of and can interact with its environment, too. Control or program the Evo with a companion smartphone/tablet app and proximity sensors allow it to navigate surprise obstacles. With built-in speakers the Evo can make sounds and even talk.

Includes 12 Ozobot Evos, 12 clear DIY skins, 2 multi-port chargers, 12 sets of colour code markers, 12 Ozocode sheets, Educator’s Guide, drawing tips sheet, OzoBlockly Getting Started guide, calibration tips sheet, 6 calibration dot template sheets, Ozobot Driver’s Ed Activity with foam cylinders, log sheet, 20 certificates, Ozobots storage box and classroom kit storage bin.

Ages 8+.

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