Outlast Storage Bench and Crates by Community Playthings

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Beautiful, weather-proof, bench and two crates will keep your outdoor space tidy all year round!

Use near sand box or garden for storage, work surface, or a boot shelf.

It's also great for dramatic active play and seating.  The two crates are play equipment for sitting stacking balancing and so much more

All edges and corners are rounded for safety and ease of cleaning. UV resistant plastic corners for safety and durability. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout.

Outlast, wooden playthings that last forever outdoors! Outlast items are rugged and extremely durable. Made of acetylated wood, the products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The wood won't shrink, warp, twist or rot.


Storage Bench measures 124cm L x 43cm D x 43cm H (49” L x 17” D x 17” H)

Set Includes 2 crates, 56cm W x 42cm D x 28cm H (22” W x 16.5” D x 11” H) each


Designed and Built to Last a Lifetime

Outlast items are rugged and extremely durable.  That's why Louise Kool backs them with a Lifetime guarantee.


  • Built of weatherproof acetylated wood they won’t warp, shrink or rot in any conditions. 


  • Acetylation is a non-toxic treatment whose only by-product is vinegar. No harsh chemicals you can confidently use outlast products indoors and out for any kind of activity, invitation or provocation.


  • Reinforced edges with no exposed end grain to split or splinter.


  • Tables, benches and other furnishings have thick, curved legs and a wide stance for a stable base and generous leg room


  • Thoughtful design touches – curved lids, interlocking knob construction, removable disk/wheels, built in storage – mean multiple uses and endless creativity.


Blocks, Planks, Steering Wheels and Ramps

Outlast Blocks deliver all the benefits associated with open-ended block play – outdoors!  With Outlast children creatively activate large muscles to build their own outdoor play structures.


The Outlast Blocks’ unique interlocking feature allows children to build completely stable structures on uneven ground.  Interlocking knobs connect ramps, blocks and even flow pans securely and easily enough for children to build. 


Reinforced with UV resistant rubber corners, which have no sharp edges the entire system is modular with all blocks and planks fitting perfectly together. 


Unlike other wooden blocks, Outlast can get wet and be used in sand and water play.


Storage and Sheds

Keep your outdoor space tidy all year round!


The combination of play and storage will provide hours of exploration for a large group of children. Heavily rounded edges, super stable construction, and thoughtful details, the intentionally simple design stimulates children’s creativity.


Crates come with many sets.  For complete storage solution, consider an Outlast shed.



Water Play

From a simple table unit to a complete play center, the Outlast Water Play System will transform your outdoor space!


And our Outlast blocks can get wet and be used in sand and water play.


  • Interlocking knobs connect ramps, blocks and even flow pans securely and easily enough for children to build.
  • Recessed brown pans are removable
  • Large bore drains with child-resistant plug allows for fast and easy cleanup
  • Lids rest securely but curved edges allow air to circulate and dry out sand and surfaces
  • Curved legs for sturdy construction
  • All tools and hardware are included for simple assembly


Tables and Seating

Outlast Tables and Seating will help extend your classroom outside, connecting children to the natural world on a daily basis. Versatile and child-sized they add new possibilities and dimensions to your outdoor space.


  • Child-size design enables comfort and concentration.
  • Smooth surface you can even write or draw on
  • Weather-proof. Acetylated wood won't rot, warp, swell, or shrink. Stainless steel hardware throughout.


The Louise Kool Difference

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