Mini Starter - Set of 38 

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Ages 0-3


New compact size (50% smaller than originals) is ideal for individual desk work or to take home.  For struggling middle school students Mini Sumblox are a tactile bridge between semi-concrete and abstract understanding of values and operations. 

Includes the all-new deck of 36 Early Childhood Activity Cards: math concepts, problem solving, races, games, and plus imaginative creations.  Made with the same artisan quality and durability, they stack just as well as the original set. Comes in a solid beechwood box.  

In the box: 36 Activity cards and 38 blocks. Includes 14 Singles , 6 x two’s, 4 x three’s, 3 x four’s, 1 x ten and 2 x 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 blocks.

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