Stone Little People

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Charming figurines in a durable stone mix with a comforting heft and warmth.  Their open-ended features, various sizes and colours in earthy tones create a set with great versatility to engage a child’s imagination.

Height: 5, 6 and 7 cm in different colours. 

Age 3+.





These charming little people have been designed to invite play, but not dictate it.

The stone mix they are made from gives them a good weight in the hand and means that they are durable enough for outside use in all weathers and environments.

They have a warmth to them, while having no facial expression, and hence no directive as to how they should be used or what they are feeling. With minimal design, these figures manage to have distinctive characteristics and a strong tactile element.

Characters can be sad, happy, furious, shy, jealous, and any other emotion in between. The range of colours, sizes and hairstyles mean that the people can be sorted and classified by a number of criteria.

Age 3+.



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