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Multi-level structures with ramps refreshes will engage young engineers.   Carefully designed with beechwood and silicone there’s enough detail to model office buildings, stadiums, factory or garage. But open ended enough to engage the imagination: castles, space station, landscapes.  

Made with Beechwood and food-safe silicone 

  • Levels and FlexRamps includes versatile construction panels & uhl pillars. 
  • Levels and FlexRamps - Accessories includes 1 gas pump, 1 barrier, pay station, and 1 car wash with natural hair bristles.  
  • Levels and FlexRamps - Lift / elevator stops at any height exploring the physics of simple machines. Big enough to transport vehicles and goods as well as people.  Measures 13L x 13W x 61H 
  • Level Boards - Open ended engineering building boards combine circle and rectangle for an engaging multifaceted shape. Tall, Sturdy, yet light builds.

 An inviting platform compatable with the Uhl pillarsUhl Sparkling Gem Building Bricks, Lumi Panels, Luxy Blocks.

Age 3+ 

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