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KUBO is an educational robot designed specifically for young learners ages 4-10.  With its puzzle like TagtTiles, friendly design and clever debugging, Kubo introduces the fundamentals of coding in a fun and engaging way.  


Choose between these 3 options to addon to the Kubo Coding Starter Set.  (Note the Kubo Robot is not included in these sets and is sold separately  

Kubo's versatile platform offers endless possibilities for customization. These packs are created to meet the specific needs and interests of children, ensuring maximum engagement and participation.  

Ages 4+ 


KUBO – Coding+ set 

Set of 36 TagTiles to use with your Kubo Coding Starter Set. These tiles allow control of time, speed, distance and direction. Comes with KUBO Coding+ lesson plans and teacher guides. 

Included in the set: 

  • 1x each Wait 2, 5 and 10 seconds TagTiles 
  • 1x each Go Slow, Go Medium or Go High Speed TagTiles 
  • 4x Go Back and 2x U-turn TagTiles 
  • 2x each Go Forward 2x, 3x or 4x TagTiles 
  • 2x each Turn 90 and 1x each Turn 180 degrees, right and left TagTiles 
  • Additional Function TagTiles, making the way for teamwork and team challenges. 
  • Free online curriculum material. 


KUBO – Coding++ (Plus Plus) Set 

The set includes 44 TagTiles addressing concepts of events, conditions (if/else) and variables giving extra activities to experiences coders.

To use with your Kubo Coding Starter Set, this puzzle like set makes it easier for students to work with complex algorithms and develop abstract thinking. Comes with lesson plans, a project pack and teacher guides. 

Included in this set:  

  • 6x Variable 
  • 2x Equal to Variable, 2x Subtract from Variable and 2x Add to Variable Operator 
  • 1x Greater Than and 1x Less Than 
  • 2x 'Start If' and 2x 'End If' 
  • 2x True and 2x False 
  • 3 sets of Event (12 tiles in total) 
  • 2x Turn 15 degrees right and left 
  • 2x Set Speed 
  • 1x Zero Parameter 
  • 1x 'Start Random' and 1x 'End Random' 
  • 3 Modulator 
  • And free online curriculum material. 


KUBO Coding Math Set 

This set contains 50 new TagTiles including numbers, operators and playful Game TagTiles to use with your Kubo Coding Starter Set. 

More than 200 challenge cards and 3 printable challenge maps that address counting, cardinality, number sense, algebraic thinking and operations. 

This Set Includes: 

  • 33x Number 
  • 11x Operator 
  • 5x Game 
  • 1x Game Activator 


More About Kubo

By tapping into storytelling, with engaging light and sound feedback, Kubo teaches coding fundamentals in simple, small manageable steps:

  • Functions
  • Subroutines
  • Loops  
  • Debugging

By arranging and connecting TagTiles, children as young as 4, can create sequences and commands, for KUBO to navigate mazes, solve challenges, and complete exciting missions. 

Screen free with no prerequisite literacy or math skills!

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