Jumbo Geo Lacing

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Jumbo Geo Lacing includes 3 large, oversized geometric lacing boards and multi-colored laces.

Children can experiment with color, patterns, letters, and pictures within the square, circular, and triangular frames. Creativity cards are included to aid teachers in fun classroom activities, working individually or in small groups.

Begin with simple concepts and advance to more complex layering and creative designs across the transparent, primary colored acrylic platforms. The chunky wooden frames with reinforced corners secure the boards in place for added durability in preschool environments.




Triangle measures approx. 16?W x 14?H x 1.25?D.

Square measures approx. 14?W x 14?H x 1.25?D.

Circle measures approx. 13?Dia. x 1.25?D. Ages 3+.

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