Inspired Inventors Cubelets Educator Pack

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Cubelets are little bundles of software inside little bundles of hardware. As students build a robot, they learn to build a program-- introducing big ideas through tactile play. From Pre-K to university, the unique, easy-to-learn design, starts with screen-free coding but supports drag and drop visual programming, too. A newly redesigned app adds more
behaviours and remote control. By grouping sets of functions on specific cubes – sensors, motors, thinking – and with their unique robust, magnetic design, Cubelets are surprisingly easy to get started with but are limited only by your students’ imagination.

Ultra-comprehensive pack includes: 156 Cubelets: 12 Battery, 12 Passive, 12 Inverse, 12 Blocker, 6 Bluetooth, 6 Minimum, 6 Maximum, 6 Threshold, 12 Distance, 12 Brightness, 12 Knob, 6 Temperature, 12 Drive, 12 Flashlight, 12 Rotate, 6 Speaker, 6 Bar Graph, 6 Bluetooth hats, 48 adapter for LEGO®, (2) 5-port chargers and cables, in 6 tubs.

Ages 5+.

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