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An incredibly versatile instructional resource for self-directed games, loose parts material discovery, sorting, fine motor skills and more. 

The wooden turntable work surface is solid, can be written on with chalk. 

Lace included string through the edge holes or insert included pegs to stack beads.  

For matching games, categorizing, patterning for a whole classroom. 

The cord, pegs and rings as well as the pointers can divide areas on the turntable for categorizing and sorting.


For 1-12 players.

Ages 3+.

Includes 2 clock hands/pointers, 30 wooden pegs, 100 plastic rings, red cord, cotton bag, and idea book.

Other pictured manipulatives and loose parts not included.

60 cm diameter,

Wooden plug 3.5cm H x  0.5cm, D

Cord 5 m long.

Turning plate 60 cm, wooden plug 3.5 cm, cord 5 m long.

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