Home Comfort Collection - Toddler Sofa and Chair Set

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Ages 0-3


This toddler furniture set is built for the "rough and tumble" years of early childhood, yet provides "the look and feel" of home. Upholstery offers an Eco-friendly and healthier alternative that is as easy to clean as vinyl. The covering has a finish that inhibits growth of bacteria and viruses, made of solid hardwood.

Ages 3+.

  • Toddler Chair is 56cm L x 41cm D x 48cm H
  • (22"L x 16"D x 19"H)
  • Toddler Sofa is 86cm L x 41cm D x 48cm H
  • (34"L x 16"D x 19"H)
  • Seating Height for both: 19cm (7 1/2")

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