Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (w/ Power Adapter)

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Ages 0-3

This touchless dispenser is perfect for high traffic areas and handles either a gel based hand sanitizer or liquid hand soap to ensure hygiene is kept at the highest standards. The self-contained, refillable, removable internal compartment provides for simple, efficient and economical refilling while reducing waste and cost of custom sanitizer cartridges. AC power adapter is included. Unit can be wall or stand mounted. Keyed system reduces tampering. Adjustable internal, toggle switch allows for one, two or three pumps in one application. 

Capacity: Large 1.2 litre tank
Plug-in power adapter
Application Amount Adjustable: One, two or three pumps

Fits all of our dispenser stands. 

Get Hand Sanitizer here (500ml and 3.8L).

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