Glow And Go Bot Set

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Ages 0-3

Interactive and engaging robot with simple functions designed for the youngest users.  Chunky, literal controls and multiple levels of feedback introduce and reinforce directions, patterns, orientation, prediction problem solving and other critical foundational STEM skills. 

Colourful textured buttons illuminate with sound for sensory exploration.  Level and customize the feedback, for engaging fine and gross motor skill development. 

3 Modes: 

  • Simple functions – goes in the direction of the button pressed. 
  • Dance mode – Robot goes in various direction on its own.  
  • String of up to 10 commands – works with predefined commands. 

USB rechargeable battery delivers 2hrs of continuous use .   

Bot stops automatically when picked-up . 

Indoor use only.  

Age 10mos+ 


Accessories with mirror spots to add new dimensions of STEM and sensory play.  

Acrylic laminated mirror spots come in in pack of 10.  

30cm D each. 

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