Eco Motor Skills Utensils Kit - Set of 21

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Ages 0-3

Innovative collection for messy play, designed to enhance skills and offer a rich variety of possibilities.

With 21 multi-functional and robust pieces, children can pour, stack, mix, and build. Enhance fine motor skills with ladles, cups, mashers and tweezers designed for different grips. 

The set provides opportunities to explore scientific exploration, mathematics, and engineering concepts.

 Ideal for a child care centre, daycare or any classroom application, this durable collection is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • 1x Large Masher
  • 1x Small Masher
  • 1x Large Scoop
  • 1x Small Scoop
  • 1x Large Tongs
  • 2x Small Tongs
  • 2x Large Tweezers
  • 4x Small Tweezers
  • 4x Adaptable Cup Ladles
  • 4x Rolling Pin Handles

Ages 10+mos

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