Diaper Pail by Janibell

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Ages 0-3

A trash can specifically designed for child care facilities! You don't touch, smell, or see the contents. Top opens with a press of the pedal, then a lever opens for the diaper to be deposited. Sealed lid, no unpleasant odours. The trash can be discarded without wasting a bag liner.

Holds up to 100 disposable diapers. Additional refill liners also available - each liner creates up to 400 single bags, and comes as a set of 10.





  •  Double-sealing system that locks in odours
  • 49 litre (13 gallon) capacity
  • Hands-free foot pedal operation ensures maximum hygiene
  • Fully enclosed continuous liner system for quick and sanitary day's end emptying
  • Non-porous ABS resin durable enough for years of use



Measures 38 cm W x 25 cm D x 64 cm H (15" W x 10" D x 25" H)

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