Cubetto Directional Blocks - 16 Pieces

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A set of 16 extra directional pieces - 4x Backward, 4x Left, 4x Right, 4x Forward. 

With the introduction of the backward block, young coders can steer, swerve and reverse in a whole new host of combinations!

Cubetto interface and robot shown for reference only.  Cubetto not included.


About Cubetto


Cubetto is a screen-free coding robot that helps young learners develop logic and problem solving through creative team play. 

A friendly wooden robot children guide Cubetto and programing through adventure and hands on play with the unique language free, collaborative interface.


Coding Curriculum Connections for Kindergarten and Up!

With Cubetto, coding is introduced in the early years through group play regardless of literacy level. The unique tactile interface allows young students to create a script of code to achieve all sorts of goals, then attempt, observe and adjust their program.

The durable pieces and interface, carefully designed for little hands make it easy for a group of kids to work together.

Use adventure maps for a variety of journeys or easily create your own. Cubetto is easy to decorate, attach markers and other accessories to and let loose on paper or fabric to code across many learning areas – narrative stories, addition, art, factoring, measurement, social studies, geometry and so much more.


How Cubetto Works

Cubetto is made of tactile and hard-wearing wood he’s a child’s guide into the world of coding. Screenless, friendly and ready to play.

Cubetto's unique Coding Blocks control the screen-free, natural feeling interface for a coding language you can touch and manipulate like LEGO®. Each block is an action that student combine to create programs and sequences.  

With Cubetto, coding can be introduced in the early years in a tactile way regardless of literacy level. No screen, no literacy, children can discover coding together with play.  Cubetto makes it easy for both students and educators with an instant solution that's fun to play and easy to integrate.

With Cubetto, students -- screen and literacy free -- can create a script of code for a goal, anticipate, attempt, adjust and then try again.  These are the essentials of coding.  But in a fun, friendly, engaging way.





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