Creative Constructors Cubelets Educator Pack

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Cubelets are little bundles of software inside little bundles of hardware. As students build a robot, they learn to build a program-- introducing big ideas through tactile play. From Pre-K to university, the unique, easy-to-learn design, starts with screenfree coding but supports drag and drop visual programming, too. A newly redesigned app adds more behaviours and remote control. By grouping sets of functions on specific cubes – sensors, motors, thinking – and with their unique robust, magnetic design, Cubelets are surprisingly easy to get started with but are limited only by your students’ imagination.

Gets students started with the basics of robotics programming, with mathematics, logic and teamwork. Features 55 Think, Sense and Act Cubelets, 8 adapter Cubelets for LEGO®, (1) 5-port charger and 5 charging cables, 4 Bluetooth hats.

In 2 storage tubs.

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