Crayola® Broad Line Markers Classpack - Set of 256

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Vibrant, wide handle markers lay down lots of brilliant colour, yet don't bleed through most paper.

Firm tips, means lots of use out of each marker.  Excellent  for colouring.  Non-washable. 

16 markers of each of these 16 colours:

  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • orange
  • violet
  • black
  • turquoise
  • tan
  • raspberry
  • flamingo pink
  • dolphin gray
  • tiger orange
  • brown
  • yellow
  • iguana green
  • royal purple

  • Looking for washable Crayola markers?

    Ultra Clean Class pack from Crayola

    Crayola Washable Markers Classpack

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