Community Playthings Toddler Stove

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In warm solid cherry wood, Community Playthings Toddler Stove helps generations of children explore everyday life. Simple shapes and designs leave more to the imagination. 

Delivered fully assembled and incredibly solid, the separate units can be moved, re-connected or add components over time. Raised burners, knobs that turn and click add a realistic touch to a design that is durable and timeless. 

A dazzling and invititing centerpiece of a dramatic play learning area, with a 50cm (19.5") counter height for easy supervision.

Connects with other units using a child proof/tool-free connector (1 included).

Carefully crafted in the United States from locally sourced solid cherry wood, this unit is lifetime warrantied for generations of service.


  • Stove knobs that click when turned.
  • Raised burners on stove.
  • Large toddler-friendly handles
  • Pinch-free hinges.
  • Toddler Village items lock together securely with other kitchen Community Plathings kitchen elements, yet rearrange quickly into new configurations.
  • Each Toddler Village Item comes with one connector.
  • Everything is modular; start small and add units over time.
  • No need to position against a wall.  Fuzzy backing is perfect for the Small Mirror backing or to display materials, eliminating dead spaces.

For ages 12-36 months


Height: 50cm (19½")

Depth:  34 cm (13½")

Length:  41cm (16")


Design for a Lifetime of Child Care


Community Playthings (CP) furniture and toys are purpose built for early years classrooms with predominantly natural materials like maple hardwood. They are designed to realize an open-ended play-to-learn educational goals.

  • CP furniture is built using mortise and tenon joints — one of the strongest in woodworking.
  • Maple hardwood construction.
  • Protective finish is infrared bonded – does not wear off no matter how often you clean.
  • Backed by Louise Kool with a Lifetime Warranty

It is not unusual for Community Playthings products to last decades and even generations.


Designed for Child Care Safety


Community Playthings products do not just comply with regulations: they are designed with children’s health and safety as a core principle. Utmost vigilance is maintained to ensure all known or suspected hazards are eliminated from the product line.

  • Pinch free hinges
  • Childproof latches
  • Rounded edges

Community Playthings’ rigorous design process, including failure mode and effects analysis, reduces the risk of equipment-related accidents and are a natural result of child-centred design.



Environmental design for your centre and the world


Rather than awaiting regulation, CP’s product developers closely monitor scientific research, moving early to eliminate potential chemical hazards. While other manufacturers may insist that endocrine disrupters and phthalates are harmless, but CP’s green chemistry policy requires greater responsibility. All Community Playthings furniture products are made from low emitting materials -- safe for your children and staff.

  • Certified to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit standards.
  • BPA and PVC free. Parents can be assured that there is nothing safer on the market; Community Playthings is BPA and PVC free.

The Louise Kool Difference

Proven expertise, quality goods, guaranteed service