Collapsible Water Tray Set

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With castors

Ideal for centres with limited space or home based child care.

The unit with the Play Frame adds a place to hang tubes, pails and scoops to experiment with water flow. This table is not collapsible. 

All sets include a sturdy steel frame, 1 tray and 2 black lids made of a robust plastic.


Collapsible Toddler Table - 

Water Tray 110 x 58 x 23 cm (43” x 23” x 9”) 

Stand 48.5H cm (19”) 


Collapsible Pre school Table - 

Water Tray  110 x 58 x 23 cm (43” x 23” x 9”) 

Stand – 58H cm (23”) 

Non-Collapsible Preschool Table with Play frame – 126 x 68 cm (50” x 27”) 



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