Benefect All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 4L

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Ages 0-3

Approved by Health Canada

Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a uniquely natural environmentally friendly cleaner concentrate powerful enough for institutional use.


ALSO AVAILABLE: Benefect All Natural Multi-Purpose Surface Disinfectant


Made from botanical, biodegradable ingredients, it is safe for children, pets and the chemically-sensitive and contains no chemical masking agents, fragrances, petrochemicals or phosphates.

Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner has been proven as effective as leading national brands in standardized lab tests. 

Plus because it's super-concentrated Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a great value.

Ideal for cleaning floors, walls, counter tops, windows, mirrors, metal surfaces, household contents and glass. Also great for moderate soils on textiles and other delicate surfaces.


  • Dilution rates: 15-480ml per 3.78 Litres of water (½ ounce -16 ounces/gallon) 
  • Botanical Ingredients
  • Neutral pH, No Skin Irritation & Broad Surface Compatibility
  • Solvent-Free, No VOCs*
  • No Resoiling
  • No Fragrances, Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, EDTA, NTA or other hazardous or unecessary ingredients.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Datasheet for Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner (MPC)


Better Air Quality

Some cleaners have up to 10% VOCs that evaporates while drying and pollutes the indoor air. Multi-Purpose Cleaner contains no VOCs* and does not pose any health risks to building occupants.


Environmentally Responsible

Made from 100% renewable resources, it biodegrades aerobically & anaerobically. It has no EDTA, NTA, petrochemicals, preservatives, optical brighteners or phosphates.

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