BBC micro:bit Go Bundle - Pack of 10

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A pocket-sized computer for coding and customizing for all sorts of unique creations: robots, musical instruments, data collectors and more. Detects motion and direction, remote control ready, micro:bit can also use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to interact with
other devices and the Internet. Tiny 5 x 4.2 cm board features: 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 CPU, 256 KB Flash, 16KB RAM, 5x5 Red LED Array. Two Programmable Buttons, Onboard Light, Compass, Accelerometer and Temp Sensors, BLE Smart antenna, 3 Digital/Analog Input/Output Rings, 2 Power Rings 3V and GND, 20-pin Edge Connector, MicroUSB Connector, JST-PH Battery Connector (Not JST-XH), Reset Button with Status LED.

Kit includes the micro:bit, a short USB cable, a AAA battery holder, AAA batteries and a Quick Start Guide with 4 unique ideas.

Ages 12+.

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